Josh and Petes Fishermans table was a beautiful pop up restaurant launched at the Fremantle Seafood Festival only for Feb 27 and 28th.  if only this was open all the time as both the food and the company was excellent! A 12 course seafood degustation plus all wines and beer included for a $180 per was very much worth it for the food that was being produced by Josh and Pete. The showmanship and knowledge alone were worth this as they explained in great detail the effort that goes into the seafood industry.

3 sittings went over the two days, and each service not only got a bit easier, but also busier. As with anything, there were times where we all really looked at each other in a 'what the f**k do we do' kind of way, with problems with power, water and the nature of local seafood itself not always being available. In fact, even before the first sitting, the menu was changed twice on the the day!

The end result however really was fantastic. Hopefully this is something that will happen again soon, and that we again will be a part of it!