Our BYO package is perfect for bigger events, and takes out almost all the stress of having a party. Below is Our basic BYO package option, with any extras you may want to complete your bar service:

For $895, we will include the following:

A full mobile bar

Up to 2 Experienced Staff for 2 hrs -  $50p/h per staff member after 2hrs

Bar Equipment

Premium glassware - Enough for up to 120 people

A crafted drinks list

210 litre eskies for your ice needs



Our Extras will ensure we can include all the trimmings to your event will need to thoroughly impress your guests and to ensure your event runs as smooth as possible. Take a look at our list below for more option!

Drinks Setup - $60

We can help take your stresses away as much as possible. With this service, we shall pack your eskies with all alcohol, to ensure everything is cool

Cool Room Hire - $250 daily / $350 for the weekend

Above price does not include delivery, however we are more than happy to deliver for an extra fee of $50

All Your Ice Needs

Ice to cover your whole night

A Selection Of Different Bars

A range of different bars form the one pictured above. We have a selection from wood, pressed tin, hay bale and tile bars. Prices may vary!

Prep List

We can do almost any of your prep for you and your cocktails! Below is a list of common items you may need, but not limited to:

Fresh Espresso Per Litre           $30

Fresh Lime Juice Per Litre         $30

Fresh Lemon Juice Per Litre      $20

Watermelon Juice Per Litre      $13

Sugar Syrup Per Litre              $10

500g Mint                             $20

5kg Box Of Limes Cut            $90