Our consultancy is a bespoke service tailor made for each and every client. Our goal is to take the pressure off you and offer a plethora of services that encompass every aspect of designing, running and managing a bar or restaurant, or even a big/small event. We have worked on and continue to work on projects that are challenging, exciting and are close to our heart - most recently the Back Bar At Hylin, West Leederville.


It is our goal at The Crafty Barman to redesign the bar industry by setting a new standard of consultancy. Jake Silvester and team oversee every aspect of bars, ensuring the highest standard of service and enabling his team to provide an experience that is like no other. Our main aim with this is to stay true to the location of your bar, the demographic in the area and put together a complete package of drinks and service.

We believe the true essence of great customer service is a natural service, and above all else, this is what we ingrain in our consultancy

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