Our Packages.





Our Packages.




At the crafty barman, we will bring your event to life with any of our offerings!

We have a range of different packages to choose from which include all inclusive packages, BYO packages and speciality packages for those wanting something a little bit different. Scroll down to see all our options below!

 Please also note GST is not included in below prices




Our packages below include everything listed, to ensure the only thing you need to worry about is having a fantastic time:

 Full Bar Setup
  Professional Bar equipment

 Crafted drinks list
 Non-alcoholic option
 All Ingredients


  Experienced Staff
 Premium glassware


Crafty Cocktails Package

Minimum of 25 Guests

We'll sit down, grab a coffee or a beer and create your cocktail list together. We can make a huge range of cocktails so please don't hesitate to have your favourites. A  selection of 3 cocktails and one mocktail for the evening available! 

Basic package may include up to 2 signature cocktails if you feel like something a bit different!

Premium Selections also available



Minimum of 25 Guests.

Perfect for corporate events. With the help from our suppliers, this includes a selection of beer (full and mid strength), wine, sparkling and non alcoholic drinks.

Premium selections available on request. Price may vary


the crafty cocktail class

Maximum 30 Guests

If you are looking to host something a bit different for your hens night, or with just a small group of friends, then look no further!

We will bring everything, teach you how to mix your choice of up to 4 cocktails, and of course serve them in the comfort of your own home. This is a much more interactive experience than our other packages, so prepare to get a bit messy!


mocktail & Juice package

Minimum 25 guests

This package is perfect if you are looking to add something extra to an event such as a product launch, store opening, small gathering or maybe even a baby shower. Whatever the event, this is perfect for bring that nice touch of freshness! This pacakge includes a selection of 2 mocktails and two fresh juices. We have many different mocktail options to explore and will also be happy to make something extra special just for your night!

Photo by Adam Drobiec/iStock / Getty Images

BYO Packages

BYO Packages

Our BYO package options are perfect for events both big and small, and take out almost all the stress of having a party. Below is our BYO options, with any extras you may want to complete your bar service. We have split this into three levels as a guide for you. If you are somewhere in-between, please let us know, and we shall work this out for you:

Level 1 - Up to 50pax - $425

1 x Bar of choice

Delivery/Pickup included

Bar Equipment

Premium Glassware for 50pax

Drinks List Consult

1 x large esky for your ice needs

Discounted rate on Cocktail bartender or General Bartender/Waitstaff

Level 2 - Up to 100pax - $775

2 x Bar of choice

Delivery/Pickup included

Bar Equipment

All Glassware for 100pax

Drinks List Consult

2 x large eskies for your ice/drink needs

Discounted rate on Cocktail bartender or General Bartender/Waitstaff

Level 3 - Up to 150pax - $975

2 x Bar of choice

Delivery/Pickup included

Bar Equipment

All Glassware for 150pax

Drinks List Consult

3 x large esky for your ice/drink needs

Discounted rate on Cocktail bartender or General Bartender/Waitstaff



Our Extras will ensure we can include all the trimmings your event will need to thoroughly impress your guests, and to ensure your event runs as smooth as possible. Take a look at our list below for more option!

Drinks Setup - $60

We can help take your stresses away as much as possible. With this service, we shall pack your eskies with all alcohol, to ensure everything is cool

Cool Room Hire - $250 daily / $350 for the weekend

Above price does not include delivery, however we are more than happy to deliver for an extra fee of $50

All Your Ice Needs

Ice to cover your whole night

Prep List

We can do almost any of your prep for you and your cocktails! Below is a list of common items you may need, but not limited to. We have plenty more prep on offer as well:

Fresh Espresso Per Litre          

Fresh Lime/Lemon Juice Per Litre       

Cold Pressed Juices Per Litr

Sugar Syrup Per Litre  

Mint Bunches

5kg Boxed Limes Cut

Oranges/Lemons/Grapefruit etc Per Kilo



Speciality packages

Speciality packages



Our fiesta package combines some of Spains most delicious drinks, with its most famous of dishes - paella and tapas! This includes:

Drinks: Our delicious red and white sangria, spanish bubbles, a selection of beers, including alhambra and a beutiful seasonal mocktail!

Food:  Chicken and Chorizo or Vegetarian Paella, four tapas (Manchego Cheese, Meatballs, Garlic Prawns and Vegetarian Croquettes ), finishing with Churros and chocolate for dessert!

We can even throw in a pinata!

Minimum 3 hour package for drinks



espresso martini package

Ever thought your event could just do with a little bit of a bit of a shake up? Well we have the answer for you right here! Our espresso martini package promises to cater for your espresso needs. We have our very own simple and delicious recipes, however we are also more than happy to do anything specific. This package includes everything we need to change things up such as staff, a bar, glassware and ice. This does not include alcohol, however, we will let you know exactly what you need!

Minimum 100 espresso martinis. Enquire Below!





We have a range of package options for your event, however liquor laws in place mean that restrictions apply for our full packages. If you do not fit within one of the following statements, then enquire about our bring your bevvies and blank canvas packages now!

a) If your event will have less than 75 guests, our drink service needs to be less than 4 hours, and our service must finish by 10pm.

b) If your event will have less than 100 guests, our drink service needs to be less than 2 hours, and our service must finish by 10pm.


We also hold public liability insurance of up to $20,000,000